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Hair self cleaning pet comb

Hair self cleaning pet comb

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1. Nape: Curly hair tends to grow behind the ears and around the neck, with gentle movement when combing.
2. Back and abdomen: Brush layer by layer in the direction of hair growth, moving gently.
3. Tail: Move as gently as possible to prevent the pet from getting spooked.
4. Legs: Comb along the direction of joint growth.

Maintenance & Precautions

1. Avoid contact with wet condition and humid
2. Don't contact with alcohol, thinner and other liquids.
3. After use, clean it in time and cover it with a lid and keep it
4. Please store it in a place that children can't touch.
5. If the pet has an open wound, it needs to be used afrer the
wound is healed.

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Deep hair root Cleaning floating hair

High-density needle comb,deep into the hair root, hook out the internal floating hair.

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It's not only a comb, but also a massage, bringing SPA-like enjoyment to loving pet.

The benefits of combing

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